Tournament Information and Rules

 Tournament Rules

**Important Note:  No cleats allowed, only turf shoes and sneakers.  Shinguards are required.**

Article 1:


  • You are not allowed to kick in the goal directly at kickoff. Article 2:
  • When you play 3 vs. 3, or 2 vs. 2, the ball is always in motion and the game stops only for a goal, a foul, or if the ball touches the barrier net.
  • After a goal the game is restarted from the half-way line.  THE SCORING TEAM MUST RETURN TO THEIR DEFENSIVE ZONE PRIOR TO RESTART.
  • If the ball comes out of the cage or touches the barrier net, the play is restarted with an free kick by the opposing team, and it is not possible to score except with the use of a banking shot (off the perimeter barrier panel).
  • You can ONLY make substitutions during the game at a stoppage of play with the following restrictions.
    • You MUST Possess the ball unless the opposing team is subbing also
    • Anyone can sub at at a restart after a kickoff

Article 3:

  • Each game has two periods from 5 to 8 minutes each.
  • For each game where a winner needs to be decided, in case of a tie after regulation time there will be two penalty kicks for each team and then alternate kicks.  Only players on the field can take the penalty kicks.
  • In the league or tournament brackets , in case of a tie a team will qualify by leading in
    • 1. Head to Head
    • 2. Goal difference
    • 3. Most Goals scored
    • 4. Least Goals Allowed
    • 5. Least Fouls Committed

Article 4:

Four Second Rule.  The players of the team that is defending cannot be stationed in the defensive zone without the presence of opposing players or the ball for more than 4 seconds; otherwise the referee will call a foul and the opposing team team gain/retain possession.

A penalty kick is executed by positioning the ball at the midfield line and attempting to score via a banking shot (off the perimeter barrier panel).  All players MUST remain behind the half line until the ball hits the goal line perimeter barrier.

The team that takes the penalty will stand behind the halfway line, while the defending team will stand outside the penalty area and outside the range of the shot. The ball cannot be caught or stopped before it touches the goal or the perimeter barrier panel.

Article 5:

NO PHYSICAL CONTACT OF ANY KIND IS ALLOWED: This includes slips and shoulder to shoulder contact. Each contact will be considered a foul and will be punished with a free kick.

Leaning against or using your hands on the perimeter barrier to brace yourself is not allowed, a foul will be called and a free kick will be awarded by the opposing team.

After 6 fouls against one team the opposing team will get a penalty kick. Fouls are not reset at the end of the first half.

Article 6:

If a team does not show up within 5 minutes of the starting time the match will be declared a forfeit defeat for 0-3.

Summary – It is Prohibited to:

  • Attack the barriers to ward off the opponent or protect the ball
  • No hands on barriers
  • No shoulder charges or sliding tackles