Dragon Goal Portable Fields!

Play Soccer Anywhere

Soccerfest is proud to partner with Dragon Goal to bring a unique soccer experience. A new, patented portable field to play soccer anywhere, anytime, indoors & outdoors and for all skill levels. Safe and Fun!

The Dragon Goal fields are modular/scalable, self-contained, turf equipped, easy to transport and install. Standard fields are 19′ x 33′ and 26′ x 52′, but can be customized for larger venues!

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Georgia Soccer

Georgia Soccer provides ethical leadership and fair standards to the support, development, and growth of soccer as a life-long sport for all who love the Game. We support over 100 youth and adult affiliates throughout the state. For more information visit our website at



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AK Crossfit

Lift all the heavy things! Come get your legs powered up and your endurance cranking with our partner AK CrossFit. Don’t know how to lift, Bro? No problem, we love beginners. Sign up for a free first workout:


Atlanta Kick

Our partners at Atlanta Kick have fine-tuned high intensity interval training in their variety of classes. Kickboxing, Strength Circuits, Kettlebell and Karate are all taught to fun music that will give you incredible results! Try a free workout:

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Operation Boot Camp

Love a team atmosphere? Operation Boot Camp is a 30-day specially-designed, outdoor fitness boot camp program that energizes and encourages, that lifts you up and doesn’t knock you down. You’ll be with the same group of people all month who will challenge you to go faster, harder and to take yourself to the next level. Every workout is different and they guarantee their results!